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Ganesh Chauhan

Ganesh Chauhan, PhD
Assistant Professor at the Centre for Brain Research

Area of expertise: Genetics of complex neurological disorders

Email: ganeshchauhan@iisc.ac.in
Telephone: Office +91 80 2293 3656 | Mobile +91 7899040054


The primary aim of his research is to understand the genetic basis of complex neurological disorders, with a special emphasis on dementia, stroke and cerebral small vessel disease. He uses approaches starting from candidate genes, genome wide association studies to whole genome sequencing using NGS platforms to identify rare and common genetic variants in genes responsible for complex neurological disorders.

He has been leading large scale genome wide association studies and trans-ethnic meta-analysis as part of collaboration within the CHARGE consortium and other large consortia.

Currently he is exploring ways to use NGS methods to understand genetic variations leading to dementia in the Indian population.


Ganesh Chauhan

Ganesh Chauhan, PhD
Scientist at the Centre for Brain Research


Top five publications

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    The largest incident stroke GWAS with comprehensive functional studies

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    First large scale genetic study of T2D from India

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    First whole genome sequence of an Indian

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    First GWAS of T2D from India


I am looking for highly motivated research assistants, project students and post-doctoral fellows to work on computational genetics projects. Candidates having prior experience with computational work, statistical courses taken during undergraduate and postgraduate training, having programing experience are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates are requested to contact the principal investigator Dr. Ganesh Chauhan(ganeshchauhan@iisc.ac.in; bratatis@gmail.com).

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position Available

Project Assistant Position Available


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