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Ganesh Chauhan

Ganesh Chauhan, PhD
Assistant Professor at the Centre for Brain Research

Area of expertise: Genetics of complex neurological disorders


Dr. Ganesh Chauhan is a human geneticist and his team focuses on understanding the genetic basis of complex neurological disorders. He obtained his PhD from CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi (2007-2012) and did his post-doctoral studies at University of Bordeaux, France (2012-2016).


Nature (genes) and Nurture (environment) both act in tandem to bring about a phenotype. Hence the understanding of genes that affect metabolism of nutritional factors and genes that affect vascular risk factors and their interaction is essential to understand the pathophysiology of complex neurological disorders. His group uses this approach to understand the risk and protective factors for dementia, stroke and cerebral small vessel disease. He uses approaches starting from candidate genes, genome wide association studies to whole genome sequencing using NGS platforms. He has been leading large scale genome wide association studies and trans-ethnic meta-analysis as part of collaboration within the CHARGE consortium and other large consortia. His group also focuses on development of tools that can facilitate analysis of large genetic datasets.


Ganesh Chauhan

Ganesh Chauhan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Centre for Brain Research


Shrihari A
PhD candidate (Manipal Academy of Higher Education)

Past Members


Devendra Meena, PhD
Currently working as a post-doctoral fellow in University College London, UK


Diji Kuriakose
Currently pursuing PhD at Monash University, Australia


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I am looking for highly motivated graduate and post-graduate students to work on large scale genetics projects of brain related phenotypes. Candidates with good aptitude and logical skills and interested in fascinating world of genes and genomes and how they affect another fascinating world of the brain are most welcomed. You should not be scared of writing codes and working in linux environment.

Interested candidates are requested to contact Dr. Ganesh Chauhan (ganeshchauhan@iisc.ac.in)


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